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One to One


The Broken Record Effect

Long standing stories fire through your mind like music through a record groove, leading to long standing patterns of behavior, your rules for how to respond to events in real time. 


And yet...


You’re confused by anomalies that life has seemed to throw your way. You’re blocked by unexpected variables that do not fit within your framework for how to move through life. You’re locked in patterns of indecision and despair.


The stories are old. The grooves are worn out. The patterns no longer deliver. 


You know you need a change, but wonder, how, and where to turn? 


Avant-Dharma is here, precisely for this. 


Thomas Davis IV is the Founder of Avant-Dharma and a Contemplative Artist who offers Non-Clinical Counseling support strongly centered in the processes of integration and balance. Thomas brings over a decade of active Pastoral Counseling experience coupled with Buddhist Chaplaincy training to support people with the integration of: 

Mindfulness practices

Decision Making

Life Value Re-alignments

Reconciling Legacy Spiritual traditions


Thomas will guide you in ways that reveal the causes of these life impediments to realign you with your sense of clarity and intention, with a clearer emphasis on sustainable commitment. 


Over the past twenty years, Thomas has supported a range of seekers, practitioners, creatives and teachers who have benefitted from the perspectives and direction that he offers. Thomas’s services are focused supporting you to widen or to narrow their capacity to discover beautiful, underlying aspects of yourself. Thomas would be honored to have the opportunity to connect with you to see if you are aligned to work with each other.


Thomas Davis IV offers hour long One to One Sessions on a tiered scale.  

Suggested donations for a Standard Session start at $150. 

Suggested donations for a Custom Session start at $300.

We support COVID-19 Essential Workers and Marginalized Community Members by offering monthly sessions at a "pay what you can" rate.

Contact us for details, or to book. 


 One to One Testimonials 


 “From the first moment I saw Thomas Davis, I was drawn to his energy. I felt safe. Little did I know in the next hour, during a dharma class, I would be sharing and admitting something about myself that I was not so proud of to him. But in that instance I did not hesitate because in Thomas I found a present spirit, a genuine listener and in time, a genuine friend that would always offer a piece of insight I never considered. I am grateful to have crossed paths with this beautiful person.” 

 Stacy Huertas 


 “Thomas has a beautiful way of taking a lesson and transcending it across multiple sensory experiences. He can transmute the experience of mindfulness practice through music, lightness, humor, humility and inclusivity. His love and understanding of music positively influences the unique, fun and safe environments he creates. These qualities allow for openness, awareness and full expression; this is where healing resides. Thomas is truly a gift for the world.” 

 Dr. Helen Setyan, DPT 


 "Thomas is one of the most relational spiritual mentors I've had - rather than putting up formal walls, he always brings his full, vibrant, free-spirited self to every conversation. I feel so comfortable with Thomas, and his creative mind inspires so many new possibilities within me that I couldn't have achieved with anyone else. He is a visionary, and his years of meditative and artistic practice combined with deep intuition and a wellspring of real life experience make him an exceptionally powerful spiritual counselor." 

 Akemi Osajima 


 “Talking to Thomas helped me to clarify my purpose and intention with a new practice space I was creating. His wisdom and caring made me feel supported and inspired, in the end tying everything back to my practice and the dharma.” 

 Jennifer Wang 


 Rachel Sutton, MSW 

 “I was initially drawn to Thomas' teachings and presence because I felt his energy of humility and authenticity. As a woman and an empath, these are important prerequisites for me in being able to cultivate trust and safety. Thomas was vulnerable, honest and talented in his ability to make the Dharma relevant to real life experiences. His counsel feels rooted in his own deep commitment to practice and principle. His integrity in learning and evolution often inspired me to expand my perspectives and consider alternative ways of relating to self, others and the world around us, driven by compassion and understanding. I often left our meditation group after his teachings feeling more equipped to ride the roller coaster of life with laughter." 


 "Thomas has helped me remember that there is a bigger picture and greater meaning to the present moment. He has reminded me that some things I just cannot know - where things are going, why things are as they are - and to allow them to unfold by just being here for now”. 

 Donna Ozawa 

Additional Offerings

Group Sessions

Weekly People of Color Sangha Friday evenings from 7-9 PST on Zoom.


Thomas is available on an hourly rate to build custom offerings that serve clients in corporate spaces, based on their unique needs. 

Speaking Engagements

Thomas is an experienced public speaker on topics of mindfulness, meditation, and wellbeing in corporate, nonprofit, and education.

Workshops & Retreats

Half and full day long engagements with Thomas in a small group setting.

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