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The Work



Sound Explorations for Music Lovers: Critical Listening sessions that incorporate various genres of Jazz, Classical and Contemporary offerings. (Together we will observe the subtle influx of Feelings, Moods and even Cognitive travel that can arise as a result of being touched by Sound Vibrations.)



We explore the developmental process of formulating a “VISION,” by opening ourselves to the subtle promptings of the Heart & Mind. Together we explore the subtle skills of distinguishing the difference between a “Random Thought,” and what may be, a “Gift of the Imagination.” Most importantly, we address some practical aspects involving the emotional and cognitive challenges involved with having and holding a VISION. Incubation, Preservation and Cultivation. 



This workshop is tailored for both Individual and Team Leadership Development. In order to sustain our unique expressions of service, we must be able access to our Innate Sense of Agency. We offer Principles and Practices designed to cultivate Supportive Relational Attitudes, Stamina, Determination and Commitment. 

We honor All Spiritual Traditions, as well as the individual choice of a Higher Power. Meditation experience is not a requirement for participation in any of the Avant-Dharma workshops. All Avant-Dharma Workshops emphasize and promote the development of Community Inclusivity, Clarity and Relational Understanding.

Community Practice


People of Color Sangha

To register for Friday's Sangha, please complete the form below. We look forward to having you.

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