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A Practice of Contemplative Exploration and Authentic Expression...

"Thomas' natural instinct to integrate the teachings of the Dharma with Music and Movement is inspiring to me. As a fellow creative I am constantly exploring how our creative work, the Dharma and Meditation practice all intersect. It's wonderful to have a teacher like Thomas exploring these places."

Sandra Oh, Actor

2021 Upcoming Events
August 28
Friday's 700PM PST

People of Color Sangha, Insight LA 

The Possibilities

“Thomas Davis brings people into awareness of their bodies and their place in shared community through contemplative prompts like no other. From the brilliance of Miles Davis’ musical meditations to the evocative invitations of Nas’s “Everything,” Thomas takes people through journeys of the human contradiction that start right at the conception of acceptance. That life is difficult is only half the story. How to get clarity to show up for oneself and others is the elusive remainder he invites students to explore. "


Duana Fullwiley,  Medical Anthropologist and Author


“Thomas Davis is a bright light full of humor, Joy, and deep wisdom. His insightful teachings are inspiring and help to bring the dharma and the practice of mindfulness alive in a whole new way. I cannot recommend him enough!”

Spring Washam


"Thomas Davis understands the dharma as pure possibility, unrestrained creativity, and sacred soul celebration."

Amy Love, M. Ed.


"Thomas Davis is one of the most original,  authentic and big-hearted teachers of the dharma I have encountered. He combines deep respect for the tradition with a desire to adapt to the times, and his demeanor is always authentic, open, humble, and curious. I would strongly recommend his methods to anybody who wants to grow in the dharma."


Dr Rajeev Balasubramanyam,  Author of Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss


The Experience

“Incredibly generous in his attention and presence, Thomas heard our teaching team’s needs and designed an impactful mindfulness session at our staff retreat. He skillfully guided us through practices that build resilience and bring awareness to our work in community. Our time together was a retreat highlight for many— full with rest, joy, and dialogue, and true to the heart of his Avant-Dharma offerings. Thank you Thomas!”

Keeghan Alexander 

Mgr of Talent, Strategy and Ops 

Teach for America


“I'm grateful for sitting with and learning from Thomas Davis, as part of attending InsightLA's POC Sangha. I've gotten so much  inspiration from his teachings, including his approach of intersecting music  (everything from Jazz to Hip-Hop) and from being a part of these communities. I remember life before having a mindfulness practice and life now with a practice. I move through the world and the many moments each day brings being present and connected to the breath. Meditation has made all the difference.”


Kristina Jenkins


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